About Us

About Us
Dragos Yachts A.S is a custom-build yacht construction company, established in 1994. Dragos has been the pioneer of Motor Yachts industry in Turkey, and its fleet has long been in demand around the world due to its reputation for high quality.

Full customized designs and constructions are what differentiate Dragos Yachts from its competitors. Dragos Yachts is also highly acclaimed internationally for its seaworthy, timeless designs and the sophisticated interior furnishings. Since 1994, 17 new projects and 9 refit projects have been successfully built and refitted by the company. Every yacht of Dragos, has been a fascinated masterpiece with the touches of its owner and convey unexceptionally Dragos’ enthusiasm, reliability and commitment for the quality.

In 2004, Dragos Yachts, moved to its new facility in Antalya Free Zone, and over the past 5 years, have been growing continually and immensely in terms of production, in its premises of 4000 square meter closed areas. The new facility allows Dragos, with a highly skilled workforce of around 120 people, to reach an annual production output of about two 35meters or above luxury motor yachts.

Ever since its foundation, Dragos Yachts service business focuses on the satisfaction of the current and the previous customers, whether their immediate concerns are new building, refitting or maintenance. Everyone at the company, both with expertise and objectivity, is always ready to give an impeccable service to the customers and to establish a mutually rewarding association.

Dragos Yachts is always willing to produce yachts which customers fall in love with and sets them apart with timeless design and high quality.